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What are Holistic Facials?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Think holistic-Think Hippocrates

The. purpose of a Holistic facial is to offer the client not only a wellbeing skincare regime but to also look at the whole person approach. Hippocrates; the Greek pioneering physician, traditionally known as the "Father of Medicine" took the lifestyle and overall wellbeing of the patient into consideration while treating the ailment. Think emotional wellness, diet, exercise regime, mindfulness and other various factors and apply them to the overall health of the skin.

Am I getting enough sleep?

Could my hydration levels be affecting my performance?

How is my food choices affecting my body?

How well am I coping with stress if at all?

Just a few questions to ask yourself and asked in consultation to give you the best treatment outcome. Although beneficial as a stand alone treatment on a superficial level, there is a commitment from both parties (practitioner and client) to collaborate on long term goals. Most practising professionals will ask such questions so please don't be offended, understanding stress levels especially in massage are hugely beneficial . We are all becoming so much more aware of lifestyle choices and it helps us treat you with better knowledge.

So with training done in Holistic facials, heres to a whole person approach.

Always trying to be my best,


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