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To hug or not to hug?

AD| Show someone you care with a hug in a bottle. One of the first things I bought that started my Eve Taylor journey. I looked for something to send a friend going through a hard time when a hug was out of the question. Sometimes, it's the little thoughts that mean the most.

For those needing emotional reassurance and support. Those in need following a shock, bad news or bereavement. Those experiencing low mood or

A rich exotic blend of East Indian Sandalwood and moist Brazilian Rosewood, to comfort your feelings and hush your mind, whilst the uncompromising luxury of Damask Rose, gently soothes the senses and allows the burdens and emotional frustrations of the day to gently ebb away.


•Use 2-3 drops per 100ml water in a diffuser.

•3-4 drops in the bath.

•3-4 drops in a carrier oil base or lotion base. Do not apply directly to the skin.

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