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National spa week 2022

National spa week 2022

Celebrating the the physical and psychological benefits of visiting spas.

This week I have been posting the benefits of spa usage to highlight the benefits of mentally and physically attending the spa.

However, i'm conscious everyones having to tighten their belts and the last thing I want to promote is negative thoughts. Social media can be draining enough looking at picture perfect posts so what can we do to make it more positive.

Ask for spa vouchers for birthday and Christmas- they all add up

Look for spa deals in the new year. This is often a really quiet time so deals are to be had.

Treatments can be purchased on the day. Please don't rely on this method if you really feel you want or need a treatment. We do get cancellations on the day and space is there to be filled sometimes at a discount.

If a visit to this spa is totally out of the question why not have a lovely treatment at home.

Bath salts can be purchased quiet reasonably and combined with a scrub and foot soak it can be a real treat. To fully immerse yourself into the spirit of the spa playing some soothing music and switching off all electrical devices.

Your time is precious, make it count.

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