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Mental Health Awareness Week

Updated: May 11, 2021

18th May is Mental Health Awareness Week

As I sip drinking my hot water and lemon I feel lucky and grateful that I have all I need right here at home. For some I know that is not the case but what can we do when the world get overwhelming.

  • Keep our minds active- there are a lot of online courses now free, a great time to learn something new.

  • Getting enough sleep and trying to maintain a good sleeping pattern.

  • Eat and drink as healthy as you can. Drinking enough water has great health benefits.

  • Staying active, can boost happy hormones making you feel good about yourself and others.

  • Take breaks. Sometimes if the situation becomes too stressful taking yourself out of the situation can help you rebalance and revaluate your mood.

  • Be kind, would you talk the same way to yourself if you were talking to a friend.

  • If you need help, please get it. Its always OK to ask for help.

  • Hold on to hope.

Stay safe X

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