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Hot stone haven

One treatment In particular I love to offer clients is a Hot stone massage.

This age old treatment combines the effect of heat and massage on the body. The stones are said to be closely connected to the earth and possesses life and energy which nurtures the healing ability in the body.

Each treatment service is adapted to meet the clients physical and psychological needs therefore making a bespoke treatment with or without the aid of cold stones. Geothermotherapy is the name given to the alternative use of hot and cold temperatures on the body.This therapy boosts circulation, tones the muscles and can help with ageing effects on the skin! I know right!!


  • Ideal for pain relief

  • Stress related conditions

  • Sleep related problems

  • Aids in deep relaxation and,sedative effect

This service has now been added to my mobile treatment menu. This treatment must be booked in advance.

Take care

See you soon H xx

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