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As a proud member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, promoting self care has never been more important through these challenging times. Wellbeing and lifestyle play a huge part in mental health and while the world is on pause, what can we do to help our wellbeing?

Eating seasonal produce. Eating food while in season is better for our health and can be cost efficient. Look for locally grown produce, coming up cherries, kiwi fruits and asparagus.

Moving your body. Half and hour of gentle exercise can help boost spirits, lift low moods and help blood circulation. With the weather being so good going out for a walk or bike ride can also allow the body to absorb Vitamin D.

Finding a hobby. Always wanted to grow your own vegetables or learn a new language. Now is the time to do something you've always wanted but never had the time. Its guilt free and fun.

Relax. Read. Have those hour long baths. Bump up your cleansing regimes on a morning and night. Whatever you do to relax do it now.


Awareness this month

18th May Mental Health Awareness week.

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