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Bridal skin do's and don'ts

Who doesn't want to hear "you look beautiful" on their big day! Bridal beauty is all about you and your makeup not looking like someone else, its simply you on your best day. This is your special day you've been planning for well... years!

Start looking after your skin in preparation for your big day. Makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath so try to get into a good routine at around three months before. Cleanse, tone and moisturise, your skin will thank you for it on your big day. Think of all those pictures taken during the day and beyond, who doesn't want glowing skin on their favourite social media platform!

Hydration, hydration, hydration!!! I know, I know we hear this all the time, but really drinking water is a great way to make the skin glow, clear toxins, fill out dehydration lines and if that wasn't

enough, staying hydrated makes the brain function better. It's free and mostly available so try it, this is for the best day of life. If you really cant drink more water then adding hydration foods to your diet may help. Think watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach which count to your five a day too!

Book in your makeup trial at least three before. I ask my brides to have a look at makeups they like before the trial. This not only helps us know your likes and dislikes, but how comfortable with the depth of colour you are. Natural makeup is hard to define so having a guide really helps. If you can wear something light please do, as your makeup will look different against darker clothing. Enjoy your trial, its the chance for you to properly meet each other. As an artist, its always been privilege to get a bride ready for her big day.

And breathe...... smile! Enjoy your special day.

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